Hisashi momo Kitazawa

クリエィティブ ディレクターとしても活動している。1月1日生まれ、縁起のいい男。

Hisashi momo Kitazawa began his endeavors as a stylist in 1990 and works expansively in the fields of advertisement, music videos, CD covers, and magazines.

Using ‘costumes’ as a tool of expression, Kitazawa masterfully draws out the true identities of musicians, actors, sports players, and artists from various fields.

While his stylist career underlines the basis of his work, Kitazawa’s recent involvement in visual producing and direction has extended his name even further.

Kitazawa’s creations, many of which have appeared in the media, are known to be uniquely evocative, eliciting conversations between the ‘viewer’ and the ‘artwork.’